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What Is Chiropractic Medicine?

Chiropractic medicine was first developed in America in 1895. It is a safe, effective and proven therapy method that has gained popularity throughout America, Britain, Canada, France and 70 other countries.

Chiropractic Care

Treatment of the spine and spinal column is the focal point of chiropractic care. Many day-to-day activities have the potential to damage the spinal region of the body. When a misalignment occurs in this area, chiropractic care can safely and gently restore the body to a healthy state.

There are a variety of physical pain issues that can be alleviated with chiropractic care. Here are a few:
Chronic & Acute Low Back Pain Disc Herniation Neck Pain
Headache/Migraine Headache Numbness & Tingling Whiplash Injury
Pain in Shoulders, Wrists, Knees & Ankles Frozen Shoulder TMJ Dysfunction
Scoliosis Chronic Fatigue Perinatal Care
Regular day-to-day activities can cause misalignments. If one goes untreated the body’s ability to heal itself can be impaired. A misalignment can lead to muscle and joint pain, stiffness and discomfort. Chiropractic care helps restore your body to its healthy state without surgery or drugs, and allows you to be pain free.


Our goal is to help feel better and to maintain your health. We will speak with you and complete a thorough examination to form a plan for you to stay healthy. A typical therapy plan will look like this:

  1. Initial Consultation – We will meet with you to talk about your symptoms and personal goals. After the consultation we will make a plan to restore your health.
  2. Chiropractic Examination – We will use spinal and pelvic alignment, neurological dysfunction, etc… to complete an examination and see the severity of your symptoms.
  3. Chiropractic Adjustment – To restore the body and allow it to heal itself we will do a correction of the spinal misalignment.
  4. Trigger Point Therapy – This treatment may be recommended to restore muscle balance and posture through soft tissue therapy.
  5. Exercising and Stretching – We may recommend spinal rehabilitation, stretching, and strengthening programs for further therapy to maintain your health.

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